Educational offer

San Bartolomé State School is an educational centre belonging to the oficial State Network of the Education Department of the Basque Government.

Our Educational Offer is based in the first two stages of education:

– Infant Education from the age of 2 to the age of 5.
– Primary Education from the 1st to the 6th grade.
The official linguistic model we follow in Model B, where we teach mathematics and Spanish language in Spanish. In Infant Education we teach almost entirely in Basque.

Our school is small and we have only one class per grade in each of the educational stages. This means that our relationship with our students and their families is very close.

The general services we offer are:

– School dinners
– An educational support group, including an advisor, an expert in therapeutic pedagogy, a speech therapist and educational auxiliary.
– Advice from the Berritzegune (the local teachers’ centre)
– Breakfast club from 8am onwards.
– Extracurricular activities
The plans and projects the school is involved in include:

– A long-standing Coexistence Project
– Equality and Prevention of Gender-related Violence Project
– Multilingualism Project. We teach English from the age of 4, and Arts and Crafts (from 1st primary onwards) and a part of the Science classes (from 4th Primary onwards) in English.
– Inclusivity and Diversity Plan
– A plan to develop training in and the use of Information Technology and Communication
– A plan to reinforce the use of Basque.
Throughout the school year we organize various celebrations, including:

– Basque Language Day
– The Olentzero and Christmas Festival
– Carnival Festivities
– Basque Culture Week
– End-of-year Party

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