CEIP San Bartolomé

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School in San Bartolome area was born as a service for the community where it´s situated. It took the name from the chapel that is next to it. It was opened in the middle of last century and little by little as the population was increasing, the original building was changed by the one where it´s nowadays.

San Bartolome School is a Primary and Nursery Education State School where children come from 2 years old until they finish when they are 12 years old.

At school there is only one line, that is, there is only one class every school level, and that means there is a very personal and close relationship with pupils and families.

The B model is the one that we must put in practice with some particular characteristics. During the Nursery Education the language immersion in Euskera  is complete and we start introducing English language when children are 4. In Primary Education we go on filling our languages planning having always in mind that Basque (Euskera) is the main one and little by little giving English more presence in the lessons trying to move towards the plurilinguism our global society demands.

Our educational model makes us to commit with a well-rounded and inclusive education for our students and, as a result, our pupils are able to integrate in the world where we live respecting and giving an appropriate value to other cultures, nations, traditions, languages an so on, thinking of diversity as an enriching element.

Our School Community tries to work according with a continuous improvement, taking part in new methodologies which are a consequence of the continuous transformation of our society.

  • Educación Infantil y Primaria

    Desde los 2 años hasta los 12 años.

  • En un entorno natural

    Ambiente más sano y saludable.

  • Trilingüismo

    Como la actual sociedad global exige.

  • Convivencia Positiva

    Educación integral e inclusiva.

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